Being unapologetically me has allowed me to create my beautiful dream life. No, I don't live the "traditional" way of life and that is what I love! I split my time between Colorado and Costa Rica, I have a thriving photography business, I am an intuitive and reiki practitioner, I am polyamorous, I live life in alignment to what works for me and I love each and every day.

I am ready to share all of my knowledge so you too can create your dream life, live life on your terms, spend more time with family, less time working and love every second of your life!

Whether you want to grow your business with IPS or Non-IPS I have got your back. I would love to have you join my VIP FB Group: Let Her Roar!


Your Intuitive Mindset and Business Mentor ready to help you level up your business to create an abundance of money & a life on your own terms!

Hello friend!

You are talented and driven.

Are you ready to share your passion with the world but unsure how to be profitable and create your dream life?

No worries, I've got you!


Alisa absolutely knows what she is talking about including pricing models, mindset, and the back end of running a profitable photography business. She can help you see your true value! Her optimism is contagious and you will leave your call feeling ready to take on new challenges! Alisa will challenge you to push yourself outside of your comfort zone so that you can work towards your dream goals! After my call with Alisa I was ready to increase my prices in a way that was profitable and made sense, have the confidence to know I am worth those prices and will find the clients who feel the same, and also gave me new ways to improve my website to drive more clients through Google! 
If you are looking for someone who knows photography, knows business, and has an upbeat, achievement based mindset…Alisa is the mentor you’re looking for! I can’t thank her enough and I am so looking forward to watching my business & bank account flourish this year! 

Alisa truly cares about the success of her students!


I know I have the creative talent but I was seriously lacking on the business end. Alisa taught me so much! She started guiding me and asking all the tough questions and just by our conversation I could feel this is someone who knows what they’re doing and I look forward to continuing to work with her! I really love her holistic approach to the industry because it resonated a lot with my my mindset. I was looking for someone to help me level up my business and not only have I found that but I feel I can level up in other areas of my life as well. 

"Working with Alisa is 1,000,000,000% recommended!"


Alisa made it so easy to price my photography services, while also making sure the pricing feels aligned with my soul. She is great at listening to what I was worried about and has amazing ideas on how to reach my ideal client and really make money doing it. If you're considering working with her do it!

If you are on the fence about working with Alisa, do it!




Knowing your numbers and valuing yourself and your income


Being able to travel and take time off because you have financial freedom and are in full control of your work schedule


Loving each and every day, living in peace and ease.


Having soulmate clients who are so excited to work with you and truly value your work

Only taking on the clients you absolutely love


If you feel like you have a lot of elements set up correctly in your business but just need a powerful push in the right direction, then this is for you!

Are you ready to bring your photography business to the next level? You have your creative down but you want to bring in more clients and money
then this container is for you.

The Profitable


4 Week
1:1 Photography Business Bootcamp

Mindset & business mentor for the badasses, free spirits and women who are ready to leap into their soul-filled self and create the life of their dreams.